What started out as a distant dream is now heralding footballing history into the North East and “the Scotland of the east”, Shillong. A story of the proverbial “Phoenix” rising up from the ashes, and into greatness.

Shillong Lajong Football Club was formed in 1983 by two gentlemen,who,at that time would have never dreamt beyond their wildest imagination, that their little start would metaphor into something that could be termed as nothing short of a “Cinderella” story. It all began in 1982, when for yet another year,no local football clubs could advance into the final stages of the Meghalaya Invitation Cup. For many, this was seen as just another footballing setback,which had followed a trend back then.

But not for two footballing aficionados ,-Shri Kitdor Syiem and Shri P. D. Sawyan. These two pioneers were deeply concerned by the fact that the local football clubs were quite mediocre in the field when compared to their counterparts from outside the State. Their only objective was to give the fans much more to cheer for: They firmly believed that the State had it in her to produce Footballing greatness, with the right infrastructure, the right training and the right player combinations.

Thus, Lajong Sports Social and Cultural Club(Lajong meaning’our own”) was born in 1983, with the sole aim of promoting local footballing talent and a belief that the region had no dearth of good footballers. The Club made a humble beginning, by foraying into the 3rd Division of the Shillong Sports Association League. It immediately made an impact,by winning the league and gaining promotion into the 2nd division league. It was the same story in the 2nd division league, with the Club progressing into the top flight local competition, the 1st division league, where it faced off against local giants, Blue Max FC( to be later re- christened as Langsning FC). But it was not until as late as 1989 that the first Shillong League win came for the Club.

Indeed, for the two club founders, Shri Kitdor Syiem and Shri P. D. Sawyan, it was redemption and a just reward of sorts for their Herculean efforts. For the Club,it was a Change of Seasons, a rite of passage- a coming of age, and in the process, igniting the imagination of the thousands of football fanatics across the State.