Lajong Cross 1Lac FB Likes

normal wallpaper sizeShillong Lajong Football Club have taken several initiatives to promote football across the country and it is truly a proud moment for the Club who have been working continuously hard in reaching out to their fans globally, after hitting One Lac likes on their official Facebook page which is the number one social networking site in the world.

After the 2-1 win over Dempo SC on the 21st of this month, the North Eastern outfit crossed 1 Lac likes on its Facebook Page. In 2009, the club had less than 1000 likes on the popular social networking site and 4 years on, it has impressively grown a hundred fold.

Shillong Lajong Football Club Page becomes the biggest page for football and possibly sports content in the North East Region. It is also the 3rd biggest Football Club page in India behind Kolkata giants Kingfisher East Bengal and McDowell’s Mohun Bagan but Lajong arguably has a more engaging content and activities for their fans.

As the club continue to pave the way for professionalism of Football clubs in the North East, last month, the Reds also announced the launch of the Club mobile app for the Fans, which created history, as it became the first Football Club in the country to do so. The app is available for free download on I-Tunes and Google Play Store for Apple and Android users respectively. The app includes all the latest Shillong Lajong info like first team, game previews & reviews, score updates, standings, youth team, pictures, videos and lots more.

The Facebook page and Mobile app are a couple of the many platforms, the club utilizes to connect with the fans, also known as the Lajong Faithfuls, and they are considered to be integral for the future of the club.

Apart from this, Lajong has been recently associated with the The Lecherita’s, who are a popular Spanish girl band that has sung some super-hit singles including ‘Take me to Marbella’. The band’s latest single called ‘The Spanish Boy’ features the Lecherita’s wearing Shillong Lajong Jerseys. The music video is being played across all of Spain and Latin speaking nations and the video uploaded on Youtube gained over 55000 views in just 3 days.