Lajong Grassroots Fest Kicks Off

Lajong Grassroots Fest Kicks Off

The Shillong Lajong FC Grassroots Festival kicked off in Malki Ground, Shillong on Saturday at 10am.

As many as 70 children participated in the Festival. Head of Youth Development Coach Gumpe Rime, Lajong Coaching Staff and Operations Team were present to give the Children football training and helped them understand their skills and potential.The Club organised a Fun Football Activity for Children between the ages of 8-12 years, involving small sided games and technical drills as well.

Head of Youth Development Coach Gumpe Rime said, “The response was great and we hope that more children will turn up at the upcoming venues and we can have a look at more talent.”

“Certainly there is a lot of enthusiasm among the Children. We need to bring them out to play football and give them the opportunity to showcase their talent. But we need the support of the parents and local sports body which will play a vital role in making it a successful event.”


Below is the list of the remaining venues:

9th December – Mawlai Nongpdeng and Mawlai Phutmawri in Mawlai Artificial Turf at 10am.

10th December – Smit in Smit Football Stadium at 10am.

12th December – Sohra in Sohra Sports Association Stadium at 10am.

15th December – Umpling in Umpling Ground at 10am.

17th December – Mawprem and Lumsohphoh in Lumsohphoh Ground at 10am.

19th December – Rynjah and Pohksheh in Pohksheh Ground at 10am.

21st December – Jaiaw Langsning and Jaiaw Pdeng in Madan Student at 10am.