The Club felt the need for realizing the goal that it started out with-development of Football in the region with an emphasis and concentration on the Youth.This prompted the management to set up Junior teams of the Club,(which would complement the Senior Team;)initially with the UNDER-14 Team.

In the years that followed,more junior teams were incorporated-the UNDER-15,the UNDER-16,the UNDER-17 and the UNDER-19 junior teams. All these teams underwent rigorous training and development under the watchful eyes of Shri Bobby Nongbet and Shri Kenneth Khongwar,the Club’s two prominent officials,moulding and shaping the boys into future footballing stars,and ultimately paving the way into entering the Senior Team of the Club.The Academy now boasts of a roster of more than 80 players,from all over the North-East region.

These junior teams also made their presence felt in the various competitions and events (Inter Milan Youth Tournament-Indian Team/Manchester Cup-Indian team/Bayern Munich Youth Cup-Indian Team etc)that were held within the State and the country as a whole, and their accomplishments certainly did matched up to those of their Senior counterparts, who on their part, were busy in filling up the Trophy Cabinet of the Club.

  • #Lajong's Samuela is the youngest goal scorer in the history of the I-League read here:

  • #Lajong juniors on the news in #Shillong today. The boys won 6-2 vs @RangdajiedUtd in U18 Shillong Premier League.

  • #Lajong will take on Rangdajied United in the U18 Shillong Premier League today in Shillong at 3:45pm. #GoLajongGo